April 10, 2011

An Update to an Update for the Allens

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Greetings from Swaziland! So much is happening right now that we wanted to update everyone on several items...

Praises/Prayer Concerns:
- Steven is leading a baptism service at Peace Baptist Church today and praising God that the weather is beautiful. Pray for those that are being baptized that they will stay strong in their new relationship with Jesus!

-Kids and I are home today as Lacie has yet another ear infection and keeping her low for the weekend to rest. She is doing much better and plans to return to school this week. Schools begin their term break after this week (schools close from April 15 - May 3 or May 10, depending on the school).

- Steven was able to visit the new work area with some of the members from Hawane Baptist Church this past Thursday. He was also able to meet the indvuna, chief's assistant, and was granted permission to proceed starting a Bible study. God keeps opening the doors! Pray for this new work to grow strong with a solid foundation of God's Word and Truth!

- Our recent missionary meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa, was one of the best mission meetings we have ever attended. So many of us came to the meeting tired and worn out but left with a very refreshed heart and spirit to press on with all God has for our various ministries. We thank First Baptist Orlando for sharing with us in preaching, worship and leading our children. You all were amazing and God used you!

- Praise the Lord that we received word from the Minister of Finance that the container of 648 in-home care kits can come into the country tax free! Woo! Hoo! Pray now for the tranportation issues to get the container from Durban (nearest port to us and only one day drive) to us quickly. Pray for our team as we seek to train our churches in passing them out to the right people that needs these buckets.

- Our churches are busy planning our annual Easters services (Thursday - Sunday, April 22-25) as it is a time of them to come together for preaching, worship and fellowship. The group that met for the Convention was small but they were able to proceed with making final decisions for the services. Pray each life will be touched in a special way during the Easter services.

- Pray for our missionary team as we are looking towards a very busy American summer months with lots of volunteers and teams coming to serve with us, especially from May - August.

SPECIAL REQUEST: (sent out by our prayer advocate, Barbara Myers)
In recent weeks political developments throughout the Middle East and Africa have been major headlines. As country after country struggles with inner conflict and turmoil, others watch hoping it will not happen to them. April 12, 13 and 14 the trade union in Swaziland has called for strikes in Mbabane, Manzini and Nhlangano. Although strikes and discontentment are not new to Swaziland, in view of current events there is need for concern. Political heads of our country are calling the strikes against the law and rumors of military preparedness are spreading. What will be the outcome? Please pray these strikes will not end in riots and the military/police will not be called to provide order. Chaos usually follows when the military or police get involved. Pray peace will prevail over the nation of Swaziland.

Our family is busy planning ahead with petrol for vehicles, generators, groceries, running necessary errands over the weekend and Monday. We will try to write with an update during these days if we still have electricity, phone and internet. It is all in God's hands!!!

Let us hear from you as you are able to write!
Thank you for your faithful prayer support!!!