April 26, 2009

Nathan on the GO

Nathan is FINALLY starting to take several more steps. Yeah!!! Go Nathan! Last week, he took his first two steps but then nothing really since that time until this weekend. Look out now...Nathan is moving up into the walking league! He will really be into everything more and more...whew, this is definitely a fun but challenging season of life with a little one. Hey Gogo Polly, by the time you come see us in June, Nathan will be walking everywhere! :)

Nathan's little sleep outfit says, "Probably the cutest baby in the world"...well, there is no doubt that he IS the cutest baby in the world!!! We are sooo blessed by his precious life!

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

Lacie loves to sing and sing. Sometimes, she makes up songs as we are in the car or just hanging out around the house. It is too cute! Every night, we do devotions with Lacie (she calls them "debotions" as she does not say the "v" completely....way too precious!) and she gets to pick out two songs before we read a Bible story. One of her favorite songs right now is, "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands", with the hand motions. I thought this video was adorable and hope you enjoy seeing our little sweet pea singing!

Happy Birthday Steve/Daddy

Steve's birthday was on April 20 and we were traveling back on that day from our annual mission meeting. So, we celebrated the next day at our house with making Daddy breakfast, spending time with him before he left for Bible study, making him dinner and a birthday cake with his favorite frosting, cream cheese! :)
Steve, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You are a wonderful husband and an awsome father to Lacie and Nathan. We continue to pray for you and that God will guide you as you are the spiritual leader of our home. May God renew your joy in Him every day!

Lacie helping Daddy to blow out his candles...we made it easier for him...put a number 4 instead of all the candles for his age! :)

Lacie sharing a special moment with her Daddy...boy, does she love him!

The boys hanging out together....Nathan loves his Daddy bunches, too!

Our most recent family photo taken on Easter

April 25, 2009

Lacie's Five Year Service Pin

Lacie and her missionary "cousin", Christie Quarterson, both received their five-year service pins at our annual missionary meeting last week. It was such a special and sweet time for both girls as they were both born in Africa and have grown up together at our mission meetings. Christie's family serves in South Africa with her dad, mom and five siblings. We wish we could see them more often. It is neat to see the special bond these girls have of not only being missionary kids but literally knowing each other since birth. During the service, the girls were both given an African pendant with the number 5 engraved on the back. The missionary that spoke to them was a missionary kid herself that is all grown up and back on the mission field raising her own family. She talked about how she, too, had been born on the mission field and also in Africa. She gave the girls the verses, II Timothy 3:14-15 to affirm them as she prayed for each one of them. It was definitely a highlight for both of our families.
Another neat thing is that our son, Nathan, and Christie's youngest brother, Micah, were both born in 2008 in Africa so give them four more years and they will then be getting their five year service pins! :) We are blessed by a mission organization that sees the great value of how much our children are missionaries, too. Many times they are the open door for meeting new people and starting conversations with those around us. They are truly missionaries, too!