May 1, 2011

Allen Family May Update

Hello everyone!

It is hard to believe that we are in MAY now! Wow...where did almost the first half of 2011 go already??? Lots happening and we are excited for the days, weeks and months ahead.

Our recent Easters services with many of our Baptist churches was an amazing time to reflect on all God did by sending HIS ONLY Son, Jesus, for ALL of us! It is such a blessing to worship with our Swazi brothers and sisters in Christ. Many of them we do not get to see too often so it is great to catch up on how everyone is doing in their own lives. Our kids were able to participate with the kid's worship and Lacie was even in the children's play on Easter morning. She had the only English line in the play as it was in siSwati but she was the angel that said, "He is not here!". What a testimony to share with others!

God continues to bring new people to our new outreach group at Ngowane, which is about 1.5 hours away from our house. The past couple of Thursdays, we were not sure what to expect because it is school break here in Swaziland but more than 50 people are waiting to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. This past week, the indvuna (chief's assistant) and his assistant both came to the Bible study. It is HUGE for community leaders to participate in Bible studies and shows us that God is ALL over this new outreach group. Continue to pray for leaders to rise up within this new group as they are already requesting to start meeting on Sunday mornings. Pray for wisdom as we proceed to serve alongside this new group.

Pray for our Baptist convention as they meet this Saturday, May 7, to evaluate the Easters services and for the convention to serve together in unity with all decisions.

Pray for Kym Pennington, our True Love Waits International consultant, as she is with our Swazi mission team this month to lead TLW trainings in three areas. She will be with our family May 16-18 to lead a training in the Hawane area.

On May 23 - 31, we have a team of five people coming from Clear Creek Bible College in Pineville, Kentucky, coming to serve with us. They primarily will be serving in the Ngowane (Hhohho region) and Lesibovu (Manzini region), our two newest outreach group areas. Pray for this team to have MANY opportunities to share the love of Jesus with the Swazi people!

On May 26 - June 30, Katy Hallock and Hunter Johnson will be serving with our mission team throughout Swaziland working mostly with children and youth. One big event they will be co-leading with one of our Swazi pastors, Pastor Mkhosi Fakudze, is our National Youth Leader's Retreat on June 3-5 in Manzini. Pray for their time in Swaziland to bear MUCH fruit and for amazing times with the Swazi people and our mission team.

On May 31, our team is blessed with SIX summer missionaries coming to serve with us for the months of June and July. They will be mostly living out at homesteads in the Shiselweni region sharing the True Love Waits message. Pray for Reh, Tori, Elizabeth, Adam, Tiffany and Jonathon as they prepare to come serve in Swaziland and for ALL the God-size opportunities while they are here with us.

Lacie starts the second term of school on May 3 (school term will be from May 3 - August 12) and Nathan starts on May 10. Pray for the kids as we adjust back into school routines, activities and all the ministry happenings, too.

As you can see, lots happening in the coming months so pray for strength and excitment to press on with ALL God has for our family, ministry and team in the coming weeks. May His name be continually praised!!!

Let us know of ways we can be praying for you and your family as well.

Thank you for your faithful prayer support and hope to hear from you!