April 25, 2008

Back in Swaziland

It is has been sooo nice to be back home in Swaziland once again!!! We have been slowly getting back into ministry and adjusting to being a family of four now. God has recently given us the honor and priviledge of baptizing nine people at one of our Baptist churches. What a blessing!
It was our first time to take Nathan to one of our Swazi Baptist churches and formally introduced to the church. He has been given the Swazi name of Mswati and yes, that is the name of the king of Swaziland as well. We guess it is a honor to have the same name! :)
Keep praying for our family and ministry as we serve the Lord in Swaziland!

Steven baptizing a new believer in Christ at Hawane Baptist Church in our portable baptistry.

Daddy introducing Nathan Curtis Allen to the church during testimony time...Nathan is a wonderful gift to those around him!!!

Nathan sleeping through his first sermon...sorry, Daddy, the preaching was really not that bad! :)