March 30, 2011

March Update from the Allen Family

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Greetings from Swaziland! Life has been busy and keeping us going but wanted to share a few praises and prayer concerns with everyone.

Praises/Prayer Concerns:
- Recent baptism service at Hawane Baptist Church on March 20, we saw 9 people baptized, including our daughter, Lacie. Praise the Lord! Check out my photos and a short video on my home page on Facebook.

- After much prayer, prayer drives and seeking the Lord, God is opening a door for a possible new work outside of Piggs Peak. The contact is through one of the families that attends Hawane Baptist Church. We were scheduled to visit there last week but the family needed to postpone until next week. Pray God opens the door completely if this is HIS plan to start a new outreach group that could move into a new church.

- Lesibovu Baptist Church is now finished with the walls of their new church building. They now will work on the roof and windows. Go God!

- Mphembekati Baptist Church has been relocated to a new piece of property as their church was too close to the community school. Pray for the church to continue to be a light in their community.

- Our family, along with missionaries from all over South Africa and the Indian Ocean islands, will be gathering this week in Johannesburg for our annual mission meeting. First Baptist of Orlando has sent a team to lead us in preaching, worship, encouragement and helping take care of our children with their own VBS type classes. Pray for safety as everyone travels, good health for the whole meeting...we typically seem to catch something at these meetings! :(, God to be with us in everything, great fellowship and refreshment for all.

- We are in the waiting mode to receive a container (approx. 600 buckets) of home care kits with Baptist Global Respones (BGR) into Swaziland. Our governement has approved the container to come in but we are waiting to see how much is the cost or if any. Pray the finance office will make a decision very soon and for them to find favor with seeing how these buckets will greatly assist their country. Pray for our team as we seek to train our churches in passing them out to the right people that needs these buckets.

- Our churches are busy planning our annual Easters services (Thursday - Sunday, April 22-25) as it is a time of them to come together for preaching, worship and fellowship. Many loose ends needs to be finalized and pray for our Convention as they make final decisions at their meeting this Saturday morning.

- Pray for our missionary team as we are looking towards a very busy American summer months with lots of volunteers and teams coming to serve with us, especially from May - August.

Let us hear from you as you are able to write!
Thank you for your faithful prayer support!!!
Steven, Monica, Lacie and Nathan Allen

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